Paying for gas via app with PACE Drive

With the PACE Drive App, you can not only compare prices, but also pay directly at the pump with your smartphone or smartwatch.

Step 1: Download and installation

Download the free PACE Drive app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register once. To register, you only have to enter your email address, or log in using your Apple ID or your Google account.

Step 2: Enter your payment method(s)

Decide on a payment method. Click on the cogwheel in the bottom right corner of the app menu and then on “Your account”. Here, you can store your desired payment method(s) under the menu item “Payment methods”.

You can choose between Paypal, giropay/paydirekt, credit card or various fuel cards. Alternatively, you can also use Apple Pay, which you don’t have to set up separately in the PACE Drive app if it is already configured on your device.

Step 3: Find gas stations near you

When opening the app or clicking on the small map in the bottom left of the menu, a map with the current location and the surrounding gas stations is displayed.

Look around to find the right gas station. Tap on the price symbol on the map to get further information like the prices for the different fuels, the opening hours and other services of the gas station.

You can also set your own filters to find exactly what you’re looking for. Open the filter selection by tapping on the line with the currently set filters, which is displayed above the menu bar.

Mobile payment via app works at all gas stations marked on the map with the small blue Connected Fueling logo.

Step 4: Mobile payment at the pump

As soon as you drive to a gas station that offers mobile payment at the pump, the app will automatically recognize this, and a message will appear. Tap on “Start refueling” and select your pump.

Depending on which gas station you’re at, you may have to pay before or after filling up. But don’t worry: the app will guide you through the process in both cases.

If you are at a gas station with a shop that is open:
Fill up and then hang up the tap as usual. The app now shows you the amount of your refueling, the liter price, the number of liters filled up and your selected payment method. Confirm the payment now by clicking on “Confirm payment”; if desired, you can of course also select another one of your saved payment methods beforehand.

If you are at a gas station with automatic fuel terminals:
First enter the amount for which you want to refuel at maximum. This amount is now reserved through your selected payment method and you can start the refueling process. Complete the refueling process by hanging the tap.

After that, only the amount for which you filled up will be charged. Some fuel pumps stop the refueling process shortly before the desired amount is reached. But, of course, the same applies here: you only ever pay for the amount you have put into your tank.

Step 5: Continue your trip!

You will now receive your digital receipt via the app and can continue driving right away. If there is a gas station employee at the register, the POS system will inform them that you have paid.