Pay with your phone directly at the fuel pump!

Free, easy and safe with the PACE Drive app.
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Pace Drive App

Fast, easy and secure mobile payment with the PACE Drive app

1. Find cheapest gas station

Find the cheapest fuel price in your area with the price comparison. Gas stations with a blue logo accept payments directly via the app.

2. Select fuel pump

You fill up as usual and select the number of the fuel pump in the app.

3. Pay

You pay mobile via app from your car – directly at the fuel pump.

4. Continue driving

You receive a digital receipt by email and you can keep driving right away.

Pay with your smartphone at many gas stations of these brands and more:

Use this map to find participating gas stations near you:
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Pace Drive App

The PACE Drive app shows you all gas stations near you where you can make mobile payments!

Try it now for free:

Your advantages

Quickly finding the cheapest fuel price

Paying without long queues

Not having to leave children or dogs alone in the car

Usable even with helmet

No additional costs

All receipts saved on your phone

We support the following payment methods*
PACE Drive payment methods

* Please note that not all gas stations currently accept the payment methods listed here. The PACE Drive app shows you which payment method is accepted at each gas station.

This is how simple it is


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