Pay for your car wash directly from your smartphone!

In just a few steps, quickly and easily with the free PACE Drive app!
PACE Drive Car Wash

Your benefits

Car wash stations at a glance

Find car wash stations at a glance digitally in the app. We navigate you to your preferred service station.

Compare prices directly in the app

Prices of the car wash stations are displayed transparently directly in the app for comparison.

A wide variety of payment options

Choose from a number of payment options: PayPal, Apple Pay, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and fuel cards.

Fast and uncomplicated checkout process

Compare wash programs, select your preference and pay for it digitally – the wash ticket is already saved in the PACE Drive app.

Fueling and car wash without waiting in line at the cash register

With the PACE Drive app, you can quickly pay at the pump and just as quickly get your car wash ticket and then redeem it.

No paperwork in your wallet

Your receipts are all digitally archived in the app and you also receive them via email.

With the PACE Drive app, you can not only pay for your tank of gas quickly, easily and securely, but also for your car wash!

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