At which gas stations can I pay with PACE Drive?

At gas stations supporting the PACE Drive app, you can save a lot of time: skip the trip to the gas station store and pay directly at the pump with your smartphone, your smartwatch, or in your car via CarPlay/Android Auto. This is already possible at ... gas stations across Europe.

How do I find gas stations which allow mobile payment at the pump?

All gas stations that offer mobile payment are marked by a small Connected Fueling icon in blue in the PACE Drive app.

Clicking on such a gas station opens an overview with all the important information: Prices, opening hours and the address with the option of navigating there directly. Highlighted in blue is the information that payment with Connected Fueling is possible. At the bottom of the screen, there is also the option of making a mobile payment directly at the gas station with a click. The app only displays this button at gas stations where convenient mobile payment via the PACE Drive app is possible.

By the way: If you are only looking for gas stations supporting mobile payment via PACE Drive, you can also directly set the “Connected Fueling” filter. You can find the filter selection at the bottom of the map.