Two-factor authentication: What’s changing in the PACE Drive App

Two-factor authentication or simply 2FA: These terms are heard more and more often these days in the context of user account security. We are also introducing this feature for PACE Drive at the beginning of June to ensure the security of our users’ accounts. How exactly does this work, and what do users need to keep in mind?

What is two-factor authentication?

Everyone knows the login via email and password. This form of authentication offers users the advantage that it can be used conveniently anywhere, can be shared quickly with others if necessary, and is easy to understand. The problem, however, is that these advantages for users also make it easier for cybercriminals to gain unlawful access to user accounts. Since this can quickly become very dangerous, especially when it comes to accounts in which payment information is stored, two-factor authentication was developed: In addition to the password, a second “factor” must be entered correctly to be able to log in. This can be, for example, an SMS code, codes from an authentication app, or biometric data such as the fingerprint or the face – there is a wide range of possibilities here, the only requirement is that the second factor comes from a different category than the first factor; two passwords therefore do not count as two-factor authentication.

This secure authentication option has been mandatory for all credit card payments in Europe since the beginning of 2021. Payment data is a particularly sensitive sort of data, which will therefore now be much more secure. Before this mandatory security measure, it was still possible in some cases to pay using the credit card number and the card’s security code. This is no longer possible, which makes online payments safer for all parties involved and significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.

Two-factor authentication with PACE

Since payment data is also stored and payments are made in the PACE Drive app, two-factor authentication is also very relevant for us. If you use the app, you already know the additional authentication for each payment at the gas station via PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition. Now we’re adding two-factor authentication for logging in on a new device. If you log in to PACE Drive with your PACE ID on a new smartphone in the future, you will have to enter a one-time security code in addition to the login data consisting of email address and password. This code will be sent to your respective email address. Like this, we ensure that you are really you and that nobody else can access your account in the PACE Drive app.