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Please note that the PACE Car apps can only function in combination with the PACE Link.
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PACE Car for iOS

Supported iPhones: from iPhone 5 on with iOS 9 and higher

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PACE Car for Android

Supported Android systems: from Android 5.0 on with Bluetooth LE

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Is my car compatible with PACE?

PACE uses the service port (OBD2 port) of your car. In Europe, most cars built since 1996 have this port. It became a legal requirement in Europe for all cars with gasoline engines in 2001 and for Diesel cars in 2004.

With our Compatibility Check, you can look up whether your car supports PACE.


You have questions concerning PACE?

In our PACE manual, we explain everything you need to know about using the PACE Link and the PACE Car app step-by-step. All single features are analyzed in depth and you are shown how to manage und use all information provided.