About PACE

With our technology and expertise, we develop innovative solutions for mobile app providers, gas stations, automotive manufacturers and app users.

Everything out of one hand

Since we develop all technologies ourselves, ideas can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. This ensures that we always remain innovative and forward-looking.


We not only offer technologies for today’s requirements, but also develop solutions that meet all future requirements of PACE Drive users and partners.


For us, the customer comes first. Whether solutions for partners or our own app, we develop with a customer focus – always with an ear to the street.

There is a strong team behind PACE

PACE not only offers an award-winning, cloud-based Connected Fueling solution, but is above all a team of experts with excellent knowledge in the fields of mobility, payment services, connected cars and big data. Based on our technical know-how, our goal is to work with our partners to develop and implement the best solution that is optimally adapted to the requirements of oil companies, partners, and app users.

Data security is of central importance to us

Data privacy

Data protection is a central element. PACE therefore supports data protection and data security at the highest level by design and is well prepared for current and future requirements.


State of the art encryption and intelligent certification mechanisms guarantee secure communication between the PACE Cloud, user interfaces, partner accesses and data sources.

Data center

PACE operates its services in several physically separated data centers to guarantee the highest level of reliability.

The PACE technology

Since its founding in 2015, PACE has become one of the leading providers in the field of mobile payment in the petroleum industry:

On the one hand, the PACE Ecosystem offers B2B solutions based on the Connected Fueling platform with a variety of modules, which in interaction enable the optimal setup for each partner.

On the other hand, PACE shows with its own app PACE Drive how easy, convenient and intuitive the modern way of paying at the gas station can work.