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Customer reviews

Operating it is very easy and installing it is just as simple.

Andreas G.

PACE is very small. I have also not found anything comparable with similar features.

Marcel R.

A combination of fascinating gadget and ingenious tool. Understanding the own car better is just a lot of fun.

Mathias P.

The screens are very clearly structured, self-explanatory, clean and can be intuitively operated.

Kai V.

It is a really innovative connection between driver and car; thanks to the helping information, I can better understand, feel and newly rethink driving itself.

Norman J.

It gives me information about my car which my car does not offer me: the temperature of my coolant for example. The fuel-consumption bar in the app is great.

Alexander S.

This is finally a tool which has earned its name. It can show so many things – I had to use several apps at the same time bevore.

Thomas T.

Fantastic product, very innovative; you cannot get the same from any car manufacturer at the same price. Great!

Carsten M.

Very thought-through technology; very easy to operate, many benefits.

Daniel L.

Works very well and using it is so easy – anyone can do it.

Adrian P.

The first OBD2 plug which works immediately without any problems and without me having to press another button after starting the engine.

Alexander S.

I use it in two cars and I'm thrilled!

Dirk M.

Great solution which combines many features (which cost a lot if bought from the car manufacturers); it can be retrofitted and plugged into another car without any problems anytime.

Manuel P.

Known from:

PACE works like a Swiss Army knife for cars; with it, old cars are turned smart as well.


Installing it is easy. You just download the PACE app onto your smartphone, sign up with your email address and plug in the dongle into the OBD2 port of your car.


The feature Automatic Emergency Call is ingenious and should be standard in every car.


The smartphone furthermore directely translates trouble codes into plain text and gives first estimates about whether you can drive on or whether you should visit a workshop right away.


At one glance, users gain an overview of a wealth of important information about their cars and their style of driving.


Instead of a long search for your parking spot, you can quickly locate and find your car with the PACE Find-my-Car Feature. Your smartphone will navigate you directly to your car.


The German startup PACE has a smart solution for stress-free driving.




10 smartcar features which make driving less stressful,
cheaper and safer

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    Mobile Payment NEW

    Pay contactless directly at the fuel pump

    You can skip lining up at the checkout from now on: Pay with your phone after fueling from your car right next to the pump. Your invoice is saved automatically and you can drive on.

    You can pay contactless with PACE Pay at selected fuel stations.

    This feature is currently in its testing phase.

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    Performance Monitor

    All performance data of your car in real-time

    Rpm, engine load, lateral acceleration and more – with PACE, you can always see if everything is working fine. The Performance Monitor shows you the data of your car while you are driving in real-time.

    You can configure the layout according to your own wishes!

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    Trouble-Code Analysis

    Simple, clear help with error messages you might not know

    Is something wrong with your car? A trouble-code message can have a thousand different causes. Most often, the yellow engine control light turns on and the exact cause is unclear until after an analysis in a workshop.

    With PACE, you can easily read the trouble-code memory of your car by yourself. PACE tells you in simple and understandable ways what exactly the problem is, how you might solve it yourself and what exactly needs to be done at a workshop.

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    Electronic Logbook

    Logbook compliant with German tax law saves time and taxes

    You use your car for both business and private trips? PACE can help you to easily and comfortably keep a Logbook. In the PACE Car app, you can categorize your trips as private trips, business trips and commutes.

    You can also manage your trips via your web browser online in the PACE Cockpit. There, you can also export the Logbook as a PDF file.

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    Fuel-Saving Trainer

    Save up to 25% of fuel and protect the environment

    The Fuel-Saving Trainer gives you valuable tips about how to improve your driving style. PACE helps you with real-time feedback to lower your fuel consumption. With this, you can save money and protect the environment.

    This feature is still in development.

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    Find the Cheapest Gas Station

    Never pay too much for fuel again!

    PACE knows all current prices of fuel stations in your vicinity and their opening hours. With PACE, you can easily and quickly select the cheapest open fuel station around.

    Save money and time with the PACE "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" feature! This feature is so-far available in these countries.

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    Find-My-Car Feature

    You forgot where you parked your car? PACE can help you to find it!

    The Find-My-Car feature helps you to quickly find your car. After you stop your car, PACE saves its location.

    PACE shows you exactly where your car is and the fastest way to get there. PACE also tells you how long you have been parking. So you know when your parking ticket is close to expiring.

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    Fuel-Cost Tracking

    With PACE, you always have an overview of how much you spend on fuel!

    Document your fueling processes with PACE! Like this, you always have a complete overview of how much money you spend on fuel. PACE shows you how much a single trip has cost you, you can archive receipts and evaluate everything concisely.

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    Traffic Monitor

    Traffic jams or open road? Stay on top of things with PACE!

    The PACE Traffic Monitor shows you traffic jams and other obstructions in your vicinity and on your route. Thus, you can avoid delays and reach your destination faster and with less stress.

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    Automatic Emergency Call

    Fast help in case of an accident

    PACE detects when you have an accident. If you are no longer able to get help, the PACE emergency center calls the emergency services. PACE also automatically transfers your location so that you can be helped faster. Just as with the eCall available in many new vehicles, you will always travel safely.

    The emergency call can be deactivated at any time. So-far, this feature is available in Germany only.


PACE Cockpit

Manage all your PACE data conveniently on your PC or your laptop!

The PACE Cockpit offers you the possibility to log into your PACE account in your web browser. In the Cockpit, you can access an overview of all your cars, you can edit your trips and analyze as well as manage your Logbook.

Easy to install

In three quick steps, your car turns into a smartcar!

  • 1. Download the PACE App

    Download the PACE app at www.pace.car/en/apps

  • 2. Plug in the PACE Link

    Plug the PACE Link into your car; the PACE app tells you how!

  • 3. Connect

    Start the PACE app, connect with Bluetooth… Done!

In three quick steps, your car turns into a smartcar!
Connect your car with Bluetooth LE

The PACE Link connects your car with your phone using Bluetooth LE. Just plug it into the diagnosis port – the “OBD2 port” – of your car. This port is a legal requirement for all cars in Europe built since 2001 (gasoline cars) and 2004 (Diesel cars). Moreover, manufacturers voluntarily equipped most cars built since 1996 with it.

Is your car compatible with PACE?

With our Compatibility Check, you can make sure whether your car is compatible with PACE and where you can find the OBD2 port at www.pace.car/cars.

You can also find more information about this in the manual of your car.

No running costs

One, inexpensive price – no hidden fees

Get your own PACE Link
without any running costs!
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The PACE app (for both iOS and Android) can be downloaded at no cost from the app stores. Please note that the PACE app can only be used with the PACE Link! You can install the PACE app on as many devices as you want free of charge.

Certified quality

The PACE Link – technology “Made in Germany”


Dimensions of the PACE Link

  • The PACE Link is one of the smallest OBD2 plugs on the market
  • Width x Height x Depth: 46 x 27 x 26 mm
  • When the PACE Link is plugged in, it usually only stands out about 12-15 mm
  • Weight: 17,6 gram

Certificates of the PACE Link

  • E-Mark certificate according to UN ECE R10 as well as the German traffic regulations
  • EN 60950-1 (electronic safety)
  • R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC (CE regulatory tests)
  • Various Bluetooth LE certifications (EN 301 489-1 (general) /-17), EN 300 328, EN 62479:2010

Supported protocols

  • K-Line

    ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-1

  • CAN variants

    ISO 15765-4, SAE J2480, SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM

  • Protocols not supported

    KW 1281 (VAG, proprietary), ISO 9141 (without part 2: CARB req.)

PACE uses your mobile phone for localization via GPS and to connect to our PACE Servers. All connections are encrypted (Bluetooth LE 4.0/4.1 as well as AES-128 with CBC-MAC) to provide the highest level of security possible for your data. The PACE app also uses your phone to store the data of the PACE Link temporarily when you are using PACE offline.

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