Fuel-Saving Trainer

Save up to 25% of fuel with the Fuel-Saving Monitor

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Save fuel

The PACE Fuel-Saving Trainer helps you to save up to 25% of fuel. PACE will give you tips about how to improve your style of driving to optimize your fuel consumption. With a reduced fuel consumption, you can:

  • save money
  • save the environment.
Fuel-Cost Tracking

Real-time feedback

PACE helps you, for example, to drive more proactively and to accelerate more efficiently. For this, the PACE app gives you real-time visual feedback. If you want, you can also activate additional audio signals.

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Drive more environmentally friendly

Less fuel consumption means less carbon emission. Therefore, you are contributing on saving the environment by optimizing your driving style.

Driving with high RPM causes up to three to five times more engine noise and strains the environment with double the amount of carbon monoxide, 50 percent more hydrocarbons and 25 percent more nitrogen oxide as compared to a driving style which is tailored to the specific traffic situation (source: guidebook of the German Federal Environment Agency).

Turn your car into a smartcar now and reduce your pollutant emission.

More features

We offer many useful features which can help you every day!

The features “Automatic Emergency Call” and “Find the Cheapest Gas Station” work only in Germany at the moment. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about the Fuel-Saving Trainer

You can turn on audio signals additionally to the visual hints.

How much fuel you will save with the PACE Fuel-Saving Trainer depends on your current style of driving, of course. Our tests so-far have shown that an average driver can save up to 25% of fuel.