Secure your payments

To make mobile payments with Connected Fueling as secure as possible, every transaction must be authorized by you. This so-called two-factor authentication is required for online payments under EU law. To make this process even more convenient for you and secure at the same time, simply use biometric authentication, i.e. facial recognition or a fingerprint scan–depending on which one your smartphone supports.

If you haven’t set up biometric authentication yet, you can easily do so in your Connected Fueling dashboard within the app. Here, you’ll find a notification that will guide you to set it up. Alternatively, you always have the option to configure it via the security menu, which you can access by clicking on your account in the CoFu Dashboard.

In case your smartphone does not support facial recognition or scanning your fingerprint, you can also directly set up a PACE PIN. You can also find the setting for this in the “Security” menu. Have fun paying securely with your smartphone!