LOGPAY expands into international markets with PACE’s Connected Fueling platform

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Stronger together: PACE Telematics, one of the leading providers for app-based payment for fuel and the digitalization of fuel cards, and LOGPAY Transport Services, fuel card provider and specialist for payments in the mobility sector, are entering into a cooperation to further advance the joint technical development of modern payment methods for refueling also on a European level.

Connected Fueling is already Europe’s technologically leading platform for mobile payment directly at the pump. With more than 3,000 connected gas stations in 8 countries, the platform developed by PACE Telematics a few years ago is no longer only widespread in Germany, but also internationally, and the acceptance network continues to grow at high speed.

With the open-source standard protocol OpenFSC included in PACE solutions, the connection to the innovative payment system is facilitated for all market participants–more than 50% of the connected providers for POS systems already use the APIs of PACE. PACE Telematics continues to work on integrating more and more of the more than 70 different providers for POS systems in Europe to support as many of the more than 100,000 gas stations in Europe as possible in the future.

LOGPAY, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, has also been offering a digital fueling product in Germany since last year with Mobile Fueling. Currently, around 3,000 gas stations are already connected, and by the end of the year this figure is expected to rise to 4,000. LOGPAY is now relying on PACE to expand its acceptance network in other European countries.

With Connected Fueling, we already are the preferred partner for fuel card and app providers.

Philip Blatter, one of the founders and managing directors of PACE

With PACE, LOGPAY not only benefits from the simple and fast integration of many POS systems commonly used in Europe, but also from the expertise in the field of fuel card digitization that PACE has already been able to gather over several years. Besides the cooperation, both partners will remain independent and conclude their own contracts.

“With Connected Fueling, we already are the preferred partner for fuel card and app providers. In addition, several pilot projects are also underway with car manufacturers who have integrated the PACE in-vehicle solutions for this purpose,” comments Philip Blatter, one of the founders and managing directors of PACE. “We look forward to working with LOGPAY to establish these technologies internationally as well.”

Jens Thorwarth, managing director of LOGPAY, sees this partnership as an opportunity to roll out digital payment quickly and reliably across Europe. “Our mobile fueling service will quickly become a truly nationwide service as a result. The next logical step is now the integration into the vehicle combined with the expansion of further digital services at the gas station.”