Exclusive: Pay directly at the pump when refueling with Apple Watch and Android smartwatch

Official press release

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published on
October 25th 2021

Karlsruhe-based PACE Telematics GmbH is further expanding its technological leadership in mobile payment at the gas station: As the first provider in Europe, PACE’s Connected Fueling platform now enables mobile payment with the Apple Watch and Android smartwatches directly at the pump.

Paying at the cash register with a smartwatch is still uncharted territory for some, but for others it’s already part of everyday life. However, using an Apple Watch or Android smartwatch to quickly and securely pay for fuel directly at the pump, without having to enter the gas station store, is truly an absolute novelty in Germany and Europe. PACE turns it into reality with the Connected Fueling Platform.

This is how easy it is:

As soon as you arrive at the gas station, you receive a message that Connected Fueling is available at the station. Now you simply select your gas pump, confirm the transaction and you can continue your journey. This saves unnecessary queuing and protects you and your environment during a pandemic. You’ll receive your receipt by email.

You can use Connected Fueling on a smartwatch with the free PACE Drive app. If you don’t have an Apple Watch or Android smartwatch, you can also use PACE Drive to pay directly at the pump with your smartphone. 

Not only the number of participating gas stations is currently growing rapidly, but also the number of payment methods with which the user is increasing–which allows the user to pay with the payment method he or she is already familiar with. 

Here, too, PACE’s Connected Fueling Platform impresses with a novelty in Europe: Via smartwatches, payment with PayPal is now also possible. PayPal expands the already supported payment service providers and fuel cards.

Connected Fueling – the future way of fueling

“As the current market leader in Europe with nearly 3,000 connected fueling stations on Connected Fueling, we are excited to keep making it even easier and more convenient for users to pay at the pump,” says Philip Blatter, one of the founders and CEOs of PACE. “On the Apple Watch, we now offer the smoothest payment experience on the market. For users, it feels like magic.”