Smartcar startup PACE cooperates with ABT Sportsline

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PACE will be a fixed component in the new ABT Sportsline control units. Together with the Kempten tuning professionals, the startup based in Karlsruhe is evolving to the next level: The coming generation of PACE Connected Cars will no longer require an OBD2 connection.

PACE gives drivers access to the world of smartcars – even without taking a detour via the OBD2 port in the future. This is implemented for the first time by ABT Sportsline star tuners: PACE is integrated and firmly connected to the new, third generation ABT Engine Control units. 

ABT customers are thereby able to directly connect their car with their smartphone. Not only standard PACE features are made available; completely new features can be used  with their tuned cars. 

The ABT Power Monitor designed by PACE combines the concepts of smartcars and tuning: How much Power Reserve does my engine presently offer? How high is the  currently used Tuning Factor*? How much additional torque is available? All of these questions can be answered with only a quick glance. ABT customers will be able to see on their smartphone displays how much difference pushing the gas pedal a bit further down will make. 

“Getting into the car, connecting, driving – the direct integration into the control unit is the future of Connected Cars,” says PACE co-founder Dr. Martin Kern, “We are very  proud of gaining ABT, the world’s largest refiner of cars of the VW group, as a partner  and are looking forward to our very special new PACE features for tuning fans.” 

The ABT smartcar variant is going to include, among others, the Automatic Emergency Call (equivalent to the “eCall” new cars are required to include from 2018 on), the “Find  my ABT” feature, which locates the customer’s parked car, and the Electronic Logbook, which is compliant with German tax law. 

The new system will be shown for the first time at the Essen Motor Show in early December 2017.