PACE expands its European market leadership for mobile payment directly at the pump!

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With Connected Fueling, mobile payments can now be made at more than 5,000 European stations.

According to an ongoing study, the European mobile payment market is expected to grow by 26.3% annually during the forecast period (2022-2027). It is clearly evident that the number of users of smartphones and other wearable devices as well as the widespread availability of fast mobile data connections in most European countries and the related willingness to make mobile payments have increased (Mordor Intelligence forecast report, 2022-2027). Petroleum companies in 14 countries across Europe currently recognize this innovation trend and have connected their gas stations to the leading Connected Fueling platform powered by PACE.

As a result, mobile in-app payment directly at the pump is now possible at more than 5,000 European stations with Connected Fueling – at a large number of these stations even with PACE’s own PACE Drive app – via smartphone, smartwatch or, as the first provider in Europe, directly from the vehicle via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. More than 7,000 additional stations are following in the coming months.

The payment process here is fast and intuitive:
  1. Users select their preferred fuel pump at the service station.
  2. They fill up as usual and authorize the transaction using their preferred payment method.
  3. Customers receive their receipts digitally in the app and by email.
  4. That’s it!

The payment process is even faster and more convenient via smartwatch or directly from the car display. This future-proof payment option is especially popular with users who are in a hurry, don’t want to leave their children or pets alone in the car, or motorcyclists who don’t want to take off their helmets, as well as those with an affinity for digital. After paying with PACE Drive or a Connected Fueling partner app, customers can even park their vehicle away from the pump and make purchases at the gas station store or bistro – without any pressure from drivers waiting at the pump.

With currently more than 5,000 European partner gas stations, we are proud to be realizing our vision of a Europe-wide network for fast and convenient mobile payment directly at the pump and to offer both our end customers and our partners the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of this modern way of refueling.

Philip Blatter, one of the founders and managing directors of PACE Telematics

The integration of Connected Fueling as well as the PACE Drive app also offer numerous advantages for service station operators, for example reduced waiting times at the pump and higher throughput rates at the forecourt enable greater customer loyalty. The convenience of the payment process is highly appreciated by customers, who build a habit of refueling and shopping at stations that are part of the Connected Fueling network. It also continues to reduce the time and cost of cash handling. In addition, daily business for service station employees is simplified, allowing them to focus more on service and sales in order to increase customer satisfaciton. All connected service stations also have the possibility of offering 24-hour refueling.