Launch of the ZGM fuel card in the mobile apps PACE Drive and Spritadvisor

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Together with PACE Telematics, Zieglmeier is digitizing its own ZGM Card. It can now be used as a payment option in the PACE Drive App as well as in the Zieglmeier Spritadvisor App at all Zieglmeier stations.

Together with PACE, Zieglmeier is making a sweeping move in the field of mobile payment: Their digital services are expanded by the digitalization of the ZGM Card, as well as the provision of mobile payment in their own app “Spritadvisor” – a novelty in the gas station market. With both the Spritadvisor and PACE Drive apps, Zieglmeier customers can make mobile payments with their ZGM Card at Zieglmeier service stations. The 11 Zieglmeier automatic gas stations have already been part of the Connected Fueling network since the beginning of the year and have since also supported mobile payment with the PACE Drive app.

Together with the company Hoyer, Zieglmeier is thus one of the first Connected Fueling partners to implement the connection of the payment function in its own app together with the integration of its own digital fuel card. The advantages of the independent platform developed by PACE are thus combined and optimally used.

Mobile payment with the digital ZGM Card

The Zieglmeier fuel card ZGM Card becomes another payment option in the Connected Fueling platform. Together with the DKV Card and the Hoyer Card, it is thus one of the first fuel cards available to customers and enables mobile payment by fuel card directly at the pump.

“The digital fuel card is still in its infancy –and we want to be part of it from the very beginning!”

Christine Zieglmeier, Head of Finance & Controlling, Zieglmeier GmbH

“Since we have already been able to successfully digitize many areas in our company, we are now also taking this step with our ZGM Card,” says Christine Zieglmeier, Head of Finance & Controlling, Zieglmeier GmbH, “The digital fuel card is still in its infancy –and we want to be part of it from the very beginning!”

Customers can thus make simple, secure and convenient mobile payments at Zieglmeier stations using their own app and the ZGM Card, without having to queue at the register. “Our customers can pay for their tank filling directly via the ZGM Card app, which has already been expanded to include the payment function; the fuel card is stored here as a means of payment,” Christine Zieglmeier describes the process, “in the app, the customer also selects the fuel pump right away.” After paying, the customer can continue driving.

In the fast lane with Connected Fueling

The independent Connected Fueling platform also enables smaller and medium-sized providers to digitize their own products and expand their range promptly and with little effort. Cross-acceptances can also be implemented in this way, as is common in the service station market. “Due to the absolutely convincing concept, we decided to cooperate with PACE and have now jointly developed a solution that can be optimally implemented for a medium-sized business like us,” says Christine Zieglmeier.

This cooperation is not the only forward-looking step the corporation is taking. Customers can already pay for their HVO diesel on the move using their smartphone. The climate-neutral diesel is available at selected Zieglmeier service stations.