PACE Telematics and ACE Auto Club Europa cooperate: Using Connected Fueling in the ACE app to pay directly at the pump

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Karlsruhe-based FinTech company PACE Telematics has taken a leading position in Europe in the field of mobile payment solutions at the pump with its cloud-based Connected Fueling platform. Connected Fueling offers oil companies, petrol station operators, fleet managers and app providers a comprehensive range of services, from simple fuel card digitalization to seamless integration of the platform into partner apps. PACE Telematics is currently cooperating with ACE Auto Club Europa in the area of app integration, and Connected Fueling is now integrated as an additional feature in their application. In addition to numerous functionalities, such as the ACE emergency call for breakdowns and accidents, information on petrol station prices or a mobility planner with traffic information, the ACE app now also enables users to make mobile payments for their fuel fill-ups right at the petrol pump.

The solution provided by PACE Telematics complements the ACE app’s already wide range of features. As a result, the app offers its users a holistic in-app service and enhances its overall appeal. This new feature is intended to address new target groups, including younger generations with an affinity for digital technology.

Manuela Stauch, Head of Digital Marketing at ACE: “We want to offer users of our app new services on a regular basis and take account of increasing digitalization. The aim of the latest app extension is to make paying at the pump even easier. It is particularly important for us as ACE Auto Club Europa to have found an experienced partner in PACE, with whom we can offer connected fueling beyond national borders.”

Registering for Connected Fueling in the ACE app takes only a few steps:

  1. By clicking on the three-dot menu in the top right-hand corner of the app, users can access Connected Fueling.
  2. Once the PACE ID has been set up, the app guides users intuitively through the rest of the process.
  3. Payment methods can then be stored, which are available for the subsequent payment process.
  4. The fuel can now be paid for directly at the pump in the ACE app.

Users who are already registered with PACE-ID and have the PACE Drive app, for example, can access their existing payment methods and successful transactions with just one login.

“We are delighted that a major automobile club like ACE Auto Club Europa has placed its trust in our Connected Fueling platform. Together, we are now helping to ensure that consumers not only have a wider range of services at their disposal, but that they can also organize their everyday lives more easily and efficiently,” says Philip Blatter, Managing Director and Founder of PACE Telematics GmbH.