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Press releases 2020

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Press release of the 01.09.2020 DKV acquires stake in PACE's Mobile Payment Platform

The mobility service provider DKV Mobility puts its full trust in the independent mobile payment platform of the smart mobility provider PACE, in yet another move towards digitalization. The core product Connected Fueling offers drivers the possibility to pay their fuel bill with their smartphone directly at the gas stations.

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Press release of the 25.08.2020 Mobile payment with Connected Fueling by PACE is now also available at Hoyer gas stations

The Hoyer business group becomes part of the PACE Connected Fueling platform. The roll-out has already begun; customers can use the PACE Drive app to pay right at the pump at the first Hoyer gas stations. Until the End of September, this will be possible at Hoyer gas stations throughout Germany.

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Press release of the 02.06.2020 HEM and PACE join forces for mobile fuel payment at the pump

In collaboration with tech-startup PACE Telematics, HEM is expanding their services for mobile payment at the pump across Germany. Based on the "Connected-Fueling" platform launched by PACE, it is possible to pay for fuel completely contact-free, directly at the pump.

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Press release of the 09.01.2020 PACE Receives 2 Million Financing from the EU and Launches Fueling App

As part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, the tech start-up PACE Telematics has received 2 million euros. The company based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is known for developing services for drivers and the automotive aftermarket as well as the new PACE Drive fueling app.

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Press releases 2019

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Press release of the 04.06.2019 DRIVEMOTIVE connects the free aftermarket with PACE technologies

The mobility platform DRIVEMOTIVE, initiated by CARAT, cooperates with one of the strongest technology providers within the connected-car sector: As development partner, PACE Telematics will build the industry-wide digital platform for the independent workshop and service market. Its launch is planned for summer 2019.

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Press release of the 28.05.2019 ACE launches digital services from PACE Telematics

The German automobile Club ACE launches the intelligent emergency-call and driving-assistant system “ACE myGO”. The technology provided by the connected-car experts from PACE Telematics includes many smartcar features. The offer is available as a digital benefit for members from the 1st June 2019 on.

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Press releases 2018

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Press release of the 05.07.2018 PACE gains Eberspächer as a powerful partner for further growth

Together with PACE Telematics, the automotive supplier Eberspächer wants to develop new, cloud-based mobility concepts. The company based in Esslingen, Germany, acquire over 20 percent of the startup’s shares in the course of a capital increase. With Eberspächer, PACE gains a substantial strategic partner to advance the development of its big data and IoT business.

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Press releases 2017

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Press release of the 27.11.2017 Smartcar startup PACE cooperates with ABT Sportsline

PACE will be a fixed component in the new ABT Sportsline control units. Together with the Kempten tuning professionals, the startup based in Karlsruhe is evolving to the next level: The coming generation of PACE Connected Cars will no longer require an OBD2 connection.

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Press release of the 26.10.2017 Frost & Sullivan and EY honor PACE for growth and innovation

The Kickstarter project PACE has turned into a fully-grown partner for Connected Cars. The Startup has just received the coveted Frost & Sullivan Award. Simultaneously, co-founder Dr. Martin Kern is entering the finale of the "Entrepreneur Of The Year".

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Press release of the 13.09.2017 Buying gas, parking and saving money – all completely stress-free: PACE cooperates with SAP

Activating fuel pumps and paying for gas or parking spots with your smartphone; after already revolutionizing driving, the smartcar startup PACE is now focusing on fueling and parking. The solution 'SAP Vehicles Network' is supporting this venture.

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Press release of the 18.08.2017 New TV commercial: PACE and Pixelschickeria drive into the future

Only mechatronics engineers can communicate with cars? That is no longer true. Since the PACE automobile experts started shaking up the mobility sector, this superpower has been spreading like a virus – also gifting average drivers with this ability. In the new TV commercial, the startup PACE Telematics teaches those who so-far only know how to turn on the hazard lights about how to better understand their cars…

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Press release of the 12.05.2017 "Smart" Emergency Call by PACE is now available

One year after being a Kickstarter sensation in 2016, the automobile experts from PACE Telematics green-light the last and maybe most important feature of the new smartcar gadget: The automatic Emergency Call. The emergency call feature by PACE mirrors the so-called eCall, which is required to be included in all new cars from March 2018 on. The system of the young Startup makes it possible to retrofit an older car in a very uncomplicated manner…

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Press releases 2016

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Press release of the 26.10.2016 PACE wins CyberChampions Award and closes series A round

The startup PACE Telematics GmbH has developed a system which turns cars into smartcars – in a very simple manner. This system includes the PACE Link, the PACE App and the PACE Cloud. For this innovative idea, PACE was awarded with the first place in the category 'Newcomer' at this year's CyberChampions Award. The young company based in Karlsruhe and Berlin also managed nearly simultaneously to gain the necessary funding for further growth...

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Press release of the 11.02.2016 PACE turns your car into a smartcar

Smartphone, smartwatch, smarthome and more – many of our everyday objects are finding their way into the world wide web and our digitalized lives. Cars are also becoming more and more intelligent and are often permanently connected to the internet as Connected Cars. As cars reach an average age of 9 years in Germany, most drivers have not yet experienced the advantages these "smartcars" have to offer...

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