Trouble-Code Analysis

Understand the control lights of your car and read trouble codes.

The PACE Trouble-Code Analysis helps you to better understand both your car and its error messages.

A control light turning on inside your car can have many different causes. Often, even the descriptions in the manual of your car are not exact enough to really understand the problem.

With PACE, you can read the specific trouble code from the memory of your car. Like this, you can find out the exact problem behind it.

Understanding the control lights of your car

The example on the right shows you how it works:
The trouble code P0442 is an EVAP System Leak. This might be caused by the tank cap not being closed properly.

The PACE app gives you tips!

The PACE app explains this and gives you tips about how you might be able to solve the problem yourself. You can then reset the trouble-code memory and check if the problem appears again. Of course, you need to visit a workshop if the problem cannot be solved permanently and the control light turns on again.

Ios error codes


Warning lights in your car

It will naturally be necessary to directly head to a workshop with many problems. PACE tells you in such cases how dire the problem is and what is most likely broken.

Like this, you know whether you can keep driving or if you need to head to a workshop immediately.

Reading your car's error memory

PACE can read trouble codes through the service port of your car. These trouble codes are written into the memory by the control units. This usually covers most of the problems. PACE supports not only the Powertrain Trouble Codes but also the Body, Chassis and Network Trouble Codes (as far as they have been implemented by the manufacturer).

After solving the problem, you can reset the memory of your car. This way, you can check if the trouble code appears again.


OBD2 diagnosis port

The PACE Link is directly plugged into the OBD2 service port of your car. This port is also used by workshops to analyze the condition your car is in. It is usually easy to reach and is located in the passenger compartment of the car – often in the foot space of the driver.

More information about where you can find the OBD2 port of your car will soon be added here on

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Frequently asked questions about the Trouble-Code Analysis

The tank cap really does often cause the control light to turn on in this case. The trouble code P0442 is an EVAP System Leak (slight leakage in the evaporative emission control system). This code often results from the tank cap not being closed properly. Of course, you have to visit a workshop if the problem does reappear after closing the tank cap properly. You can alternatively check if a new tank cap might be the solution as the seal might be porous.

At first, PACE will support the Powertrain Trouble Codes as well as the Body, Chassis and Network Trouble Codes (as far as they have been implemented by the manufacturer). PACE can thus read all trouble codes the controlling units save in the error memory. Usually this includes most of the problems. Please note that PACE will not inform you about notices like for example “License plate light defective” or “Windshield wash water empty”.

More information about this can be found in the PACE manual.

Coding or programming control units is not possible with PACE for safety reasons.

The Trouble-Code Analysis exactly reads trouble codes produced by the car. Yet it is not always possible to ascertain the reason for a problem without closely examining the car as certain trouble codes can be caused by a multitude of different problems. Knowing which trouble code was recognized and its exact meaning can often help to find the source of the problem and to maybe even solve it by yourself.

No, you can delete trouble codes saved in the memory of your car but you cannot reset the service interval.