Find-My-Car Feature

You forgot where you parked your car? PACE helps you to find it!

The Find-My-Car Feature

The PACE Find-My-Car Feature helps you to quickly find your parked car. You had to look for a parking spot for a long time again? On the next morning, you are no longer sure where exactly you parked your car? Don’t worry: You can check the location of your car in your PACE app and then let your smartphone navigate you directly to it.

Never search for your car again

How does this work? As soon as you turn off your engine, PACE saves the location of your car. You can then check anytime where exactly your car is standing in the PACE app. Naturally, only you yourself can access this data. This means that no one else can see where you parked your car or where you were traveling to.

An exception of this is the Automatic Emergency Call. If you have activated this feature, PACE will transfer your current location to the emergency services in the case of an accident.

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The “Automatic Emergency Call” works only in Germany at the moment, and the feature "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" is currently available in these countries. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. Mobile Payment is in its public testing phase in Germany. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about the Find-My-Car Feature

The Find-My-Car feature uses the GPS position of your mobile phone to locate your car. Thus it can only work when GPS signals are receivable (this is unfortunately not the case in a multi-storey car park). We have ideas how to improve this in future versions so you can find your car even after parking in a multi-storey car park. In the first versions of the PACE app, we are concentrating on locating cars that were parked outside though.

No, a stolen car cannot be located with PACE as the PACE Link has no SIM card built in. We are also convinced that it does not make sense to use an OBD2 plug as theft protection. If someone can break open a car, he or she is also smart enough to quickly check the OBD2 slot and pull out any plug found there.

The Find-My-Car feature saved the location of your car when the engine was turned off. If you can no longer remember where you parked the night before for example, you can check your PACE app. It can show you where your car is and how to get there. This information is only accessible to the PACE user in the Cloud. Thus, nobody else can see where you have parked your car or where you travelled to.

No, the PACE Link One has no built-in SIM card. Therefore, we can sell PACE to a better price and without any running costs. If your phone is not connected with the PACE Link (if your car is being towed for example), the position of your car cannot be transmitted.