Pay via PACE Drive with giropay and save 8 cent/liter*

Try the free PACE Drive app now and get your fuel discount!
The new giropay
The promotion works completely without discount codes!
The discount will be deducted directly when you pay with giropay via PACE Drive!
he promotion runs from 17.10.2022 to 30.12.2022

*Detailed conditions of participation and data privacy information

1. Download app

Download the free PACE Drive app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and use it directly from your smartphone, smartwatch, Apple CarPlay on iOS 16 or Android Auto.

2. Add or select giropay as payment method

During the payment process, you simply select the payment method giropay, which you have previously added, and then click on the button “Pay securely now”.

3. Pay with giropay and save right away!

Pay at participating gas stations with giropay. If your payment is successful during the promotion period, your invoice amount will be reduced automatically.

PACE Drive App

Pay now with giropay and save 8 cents/liter via smartphone, smartwatch, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto!*

Terms of participation:

8 cent/liter discount.

Only when paying with giropay in the PACE Drive app.

The offer is valid for new and existing customers during the promotional period from 17.10.2022 to 30.12.2022.

Only at participating service stations throughout Europe.

The promotion runs while supplies last.

Valid for a maximum of 5 refuelings of 100 liters each.

Can be combined with the Friend Referral promotion

*Detailed terms of participation and privacy policy


How does the giropay promotion work?

The giropay promotion can be summarized in a few simple steps:

  1. Pay with giropay via smartphone, smartwatch, CarPlay or Android Auto and save 8 cents/liter.
  2. Select giropay as payment method. Now your invoice amount will be directly reduced by 8 cents/liter after successful payment.

The giropay action is well worth it! You can check out the detailed terms of participation for more information.

At which gas stations can I save 8 cents/liter?

The promotion is valid at all participating gas stations throughout Europe. You can see which ones in the PACE Drive app, as they are marked with a blue gas station symbol on the map.

How can I set and select giropay as a payment method?

If you’ve not yet added giropay to your payment methods
Register once at PACE and choose the payment method giropay: Under “Settings” in “Your Account”, you can add giropay as a payment method in the “Payment Methods” section. To do so, follow the instructions in the app.

If you’ve already added giropay to your app:
During the payment process, you simply select the payment method giropay that you have previously added and then click on the button “Pay securely now”. After your payment, you will receive a receipt of the payment (discount included), which can be retrieved in the PACE Drive app. The fuel receipt will also be sent automatically to the e-mail address you have entered.

How often can I take part in the giropay promotion?

The discount is valid within the specified period up to 5 refueling operations with a maximum of 100 liters each.

Can the giropay promotion be combined with the refer-a-friend promotion?

You get an instant discount of 8 cents/liter when you pay with giropay from 17th October to 30th December, 2022. If you, as a PACE Drive user, invite your friends to use PACE Drive as well and if they actually pay for their tank filling via the PACE Drive app, the savings amount increases for you as well as for your friends. Your referred friends can additionally save 5 cent/liter (with giropay that is 13 Cent/Liter in total), and you, who referred them, get the sum of their savings credited as a fuel discount.

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