The PACE Roadmap

Check out what our developers are working on right now
and what is already on their to-do list.

Facebook & Twitter integration (KS Stretch-Goal)

The complete integration of Facebook and Twitter is currently being worked on by our developers. You can already sign in with your Facebook account and save it to your existing PACE account. Soon, you will be able to share your trips with your friends if you want to.

IFTTT Integration (KS Stretch-Goal)

Another Kickstarter Stretch Goal is the IFTTT integration. You have asked for it to connect different services with PACE. We will take some more time to completely integrate IFTTT into PACE. But once we are finished, the fun is guaranteed! You can define requirements and thus experience PACE in an even more personalized and intensive manner. Maybe soon your garage door will open automatically once your car is close? Or the oven starts preheating while you are driving home. There are limitless possibilities!