The PACE Roadmap

Check out what our developers are working on right now
and what is already on their to-do list.

Connected Fueling

When stopping at a gas station supporting PACE Pay, your app will notify you at once and guide you through the cashless payment process.

LIVE Gas prices for whole Europe

You are traveling around Europe? No problem! PACE always finds the cheapest gas station in many European countries. It also tells you which gas stations actually sell the exact fuel your car needs. We are continuously adding more gas stations to our data base. On this map of Europe, you can see which countries are currently supported.

Facebook & Twitter integration (KS Stretch-Goal)

The complete integration of Facebook and Twitter is currently being worked on by our developers. You can already sign in with your Facebook account and save it to your existing PACE account. Soon, you will be able to share your trips with your friends if you want to.