Thank you for your interest in PACE! We are very excited to welcome you as new member of the PACE community!

In the following, we will explain step-by-step everything you need to know about both the PACE Link and the PACE Car App. We will examine each function in detail and show you how to interpret and manage all data your PACE system has to offer. We will examine screens in more detail to give you an overview about their specific content and how to constructively operate them.

If you still have further questions, please write us a message via our contact form.

You can also make use of our shake-for-support feature: If you encounter a problem while using the PACE Car app, just quickly shake your smartphone. The in-app support request will open. In this form, you can report bugs as well as make a feature request or send us feedback or suggestions how we might improve PACE. You only need to choose the right category in the upper text field. Type your message into the text box and send it to us. Unfortunately, we cannot personally answer such requests.