Performance Monitor

All performance data of your car in real-time

Car data in real-time

The PACE Performance Monitor shows you the data of your car in real-time; be it fuel consumption, oil temperature, coolant temperature, rpm, engine load or lateral acceleration.

With the Performance Monitor, you stay on top of things. PACE also shows you the current speed limit. Thus, you always know how fast you are allowed to drive.*

Stay on top of everything

The Bluetooth LE connection enables PACE to show you live data of your car. Check the coolant and oil temperatures, for example, to warm up your engine properly.

Aside from your current performance data, PACE also shows in which gear you are driving – as well as whether you should switch to a different one.


Rpm counter, lateral acceleration and much more

By swiping up, you can switch from the Performance Monitor to the Race Mode; while taking a turn on the race track for example.

Aside from rev counter and speed, PACE also displays lateral acceleration and the currently used engine power here.

More features

We offer many useful features which can help you every day!

The “Automatic Emergency Call” works only in Germany at the moment, and the feature "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" is currently available in these countries. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. Mobile Payment is in its public testing phase in Germany. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about the Performance Monitor

We have found through our testing so-far that it is possible to measure the fuel consumption very accurately with the PACE technology.

There can be differences in which sets of data a specific car makes accessible to PACE. This might influence single features like for example the Performance Monitor or the Fuel Cost Tracking. I.e. it can be that some information can be depicted with one car which another car will not support. PACE will depict all interesting data like for example rpm, fuel consumption, engine load, oil temperature and more as long as the respective car supplies this information through its OBD2 port.

Yes, as long as your car supplies information about its oil temperature via its OBD2 port. Then, PACE can display the oil temperature in real-time. This gives you more exact information about how hot your engine is at the moment than the coolant temperature.

* Whether the displayed performance data (for example oil temperature, turbo pressure) is available depends on the specific car model being used. In some cars, not all shown data might be supplied. The depicted speed limit is based on traffic information provided by data services. Thus, there can be some deviation to the actual speed limit if there are any temporary changes (like for example a lower speed limit because of road works). PACE cannot guarantee the correctness of the data depicted.