Electronic Logbook

PACE automatically keeps your Logbook!

The Automatic Logbook

With the PACE automatic Logbook, you can very easily keep your own Logbook which fulfills all legal requirements by the German tax authorities. The PACE app automatically protocols your trips and then depicts them in a structured overview.

The Logbook App

After installing the PACE Link for the first time, your smartphone will automatically connect to it as soon as you turn on your car. The PACE Logbook feature also documents your data while the app runs in the background. This means that the PACE app does not have to be displayed on your smartphone; all trips are also tracked without gaps while it is open in the background. Your phone only has to be connected with the PACE Link via Bluetooth – this is all it takes if you are an Android user. If you use a device running on iOS, the PACE app has to be active in the background (i.e. it cannot be closed by double pressing the home button and then swiping up).

After finishing a trip, you can mark it as “private”, “business” or as a “commute” with only a quick tap – all done!

If someone else is travelling with your car, they can also install the PACE app free of charge. They can then also keep a Logbook containing all their trips. As the PACE Logbook is personalized, all trips made by other people will appear as “private trips” in your own Logbook (in this case, you also cannot see where this trip was headed, only the driven distance is depicted). If someone takes your car out for a drive without using PACE, this trip will also appear as a private trip in your Logbook.

Ios drive log

Editing your digital Logbook

You can analyze and edit your trips in the PACE Cockpit;
all of it in accordance to the legal requirements of the German tax authorities. At the end of the month, you can just print out your digital Logbook and submit your trips to your employer or the tax office.

Compliant with requirements of tax authorities

Compliant with requirements of tax authorities

The PACE Logbook fulfills all requirements the German tax authorities have for electronic online logbooks or logbook apps; i.e. PACE is compliant with § 8 section 2 sentence 4 EStG (German income tax law) and the letter of the German Federal Ministry of Finance 18.11.09, BStBl. I 2009, p. 1326.

The tax office keeps its right to review each request individually. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that every Logbook will be accepted by your specific tax office even if you are living in Germany.

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The “Automatic Emergency Call” works only in Germany at the moment, and the feature "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" is currently available in these countries. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. Mobile Payment is in its public testing phase in Germany. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about the Electronic Logbook

The PACE digital Logbook fulfills all requirements the German financial authorities have for electronic online Logbooks and Logbook apps. We cannot guarantee that it will be accepted in each individual case even in Germany as the finance authorities keep the right to review every case individually. This holds true for all electronic logbooks on the market.

The PACE app on your smartphone can save data when there is no active connection to the internet. In such cases, data for the Logbook, for example, is sent to the PACE Cloud as soon as your phone is online again. If someone else drives your car, he or she can download and install the PACE app. The trip can then be saved to his or her own Logbook. In your Logbook, the trip will be saved as “private” (i.e. you can only see the driven distance and not the destination or any stops).

When no smartphone is connected, only the mileage and data about accidents are saved (and it can be detected whether the PACE Link was plugged out). In such a case, this trip will also appear as a “private trip” in your Logbook.

At first, there will be the possibility to export the data as PDF file. It is planned that the PACE Cockpit will offer more possibilities in the future.