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Fill up, pay, and get back on the road – pay with PACE at selected gas stations in Germany

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No cash on hand? No problem! Just pay with your smartphone.

With PACE, you pay fast and safe – without having to carry cash, a credit card, girocard or debit card.

When stopping at a gas station supporting PACE Pay, your app will notify you at once and guide you through the cashless payment process.

  • Fast

    Pay right at the pump with your phone and skip waiting in line at the register.

  • Cashless

    Pay easily and digitally – without cash, girocard, debit or credit card.

  • Safe

    Your payment information is stored safely and always encrypted during transmission.

  • Transparent

    Keep an eye on your spending. Your receipts will be saved automatically.

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Pay contactless without NFC: Skip waiting in line

If you’re in a hurry, you no longer have to make your way to the register. Instead, you can pay right away on your phone. Just select the pump you’ve used, authorize the payment, and get back on the road.

Different than when paying contactless using NFC, you don’t even have to walk to the register. With PACE Pay, you pay your bill on your phone right at the fueling pump.

Your electronic receipts are saved in your PACE app – without clogging your wallet or your glove compartment.

Currently in public testing:

You can use PACE Pay at these gas stations

You can already pay with PACE at some gas stations in Germany. Upon stopping at such a gas station, your app will automatically ask you whether you want to buy fuel and pay digitally here. During the public test phase, the gas station connection will be checked in particular. For you as a user, this only manifests itself in the fact that more and more gas stations are made available.

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Gas stations supporting PACE Pay are highlighted in your Fuel-Sation Finder.


Secure payment processes thanks to encrypted data transmission

Your payment information is saved and transmitted only with the largest security measures, of course. To prevent a third party being able to pay with your phone, every payment process needs to be authorized by yourself by entering your personal PIN, fingerprint scan or facial recognition.

More features

We offer many useful features which can help you every day!

The “Automatic Emergency Call” works only in Germany at the moment, and the feature "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" is currently available in these countries. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. Mobile Payment is in its public testing phase in Germany. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about Mobile Payment

How PACE Pay works:

Step 1: Enter your payment data
You can save different sets of payment data in your PACE Car app. You can do so by tapping on “PACE Pay” in the menu. Previously saved payment information can also be deleted here.

Step 2: Pay cashless
You won’t have to stand in line the next time you’re buying fuel. Instead, you can pay on your phone with your PACE Car app. PACE will ask you whether you want to buy fuel here as soon as you’ve turned off the engine at a supported gas station. Just enter the pump you’ve used, select your method of payment and confirm the process with your personal PIN, a fingerprint or a face scan. The receipt is then saved automatically. The cashier will be informed about your payment and you can continue your trip right away.

With PACE Pay, you can pay quickly and safely after filling up on fuel – completely without having to carry cash, a credit card or a debit card.

You can skip long waits in line when you’re in a hurry.

You can find all your electronic receipts in your PACE app – without a clogged wallet or glove compartment.

Furthermore, you can be sure that your payment information is safely encrypted during transmission.

Hopefully soon everywhere! During the first step, PACE Pay can be used at selected partner gas stations. This covers most HEM gas stations of the German Tamoil GmbH. All partner gas stations that support PACE Pay are highlighted within the Gas Station Finder.

We are already working on enhancing our network and add further partners to PACE Pay. We’ll keep you up-to-date about new developments in our newsletter.

In the menu of your PACE Car app, you can find the menu item “Mobile Payment”. Here, you can add and delete payment methods. To save a new payment method, just follow the instructions within your app.

You can enter your bank information, to pay via SEPA direct debit. Please note that this is only possible in Germany at first.

To use SEPA direct debit, fill out the form in your app. The system will check whether your IBAN has the correct format – this ensures that no number is missing.

We’re working on adding more payment options to PACE Pay like for example paying with credit card or PayPal.

Of course, the highest amount of security is needed when handling bank information. Your payment data is therefore saved separate from your other personal information and especially protected.

During the payment process, your data is encrypted for transmission. You moreover need to authorize every payment before any information is being sent. This can be done with your personal PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition. You can set the exact safety level according to your preferences in your smartphone’s system settings.

We also provide a high level of security if you no longer want to use PACE Pay with a certain set of payment data. If you want to delete a payment method, this is done at once and irrevocably.

When paying contactless via NFC, for example with Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can only pay directly at the register. This means that you also have to wait in line before you can hold your phone to the NFC scanner.

Paying with PACE Pay though, you can pay right at the fuel station with your phone. The cashier is automatically informed about your payment and you can continue your trip.

The public testing phase is used to test the connection to gas stations. The whole system that allows you to pay mobile is functional and can be used without any concerns. You can securely create payment methods, refuel and pay mobile. Afterwards, the amount is transferred, and you will receive the receipt by email.

With the help of the public testing phase, we can gradually connect more gas stations and make them available to you, while you can already pay mobile at the gas stations that are already available.