Automatic Emergency Call

Your car does not have an eCall feature? Use the PACE automatic Emergency Call!

This feature is available in Germany only.

The Automatic Emergency Call is available in Germany only at the moment. In the future, we want to be able to offer this feature in other countries as well. In our newsletter, we keep you up to date.

Emergency app & emergency call system

The PACE automatic Emergency Call is an emergency app feature which automatically calls for help in case of an accident.

PACE detects accidents and contacts the emergency services if you are no longer able to do so yourself.

This is how it works

Upgrade your car with the PACE eCall

  • Accident

    1. Detecting crash

    As soon as the PACE Link detects a crash with its sensors, it contacts the PACE emergency app feature.

  • Confirmation

    2. Confirmation

    If you do not confirm that you are fine within 30 seconds, your PACE app sends us an emergency signal.

  • eCall

    3. We call you

    We will try to contact you on your phone to check if you are doing fine.

  • Emergency services

    4. We get help!

    If we cannot reach you, we immediately contact the emergency services and transfer your location for them to quickly reach you.

With PACE, you drive safely!

“As information about the location is not very exact a lot of the time, the ambulance often faces problems finding the exact location of the accident. Because of this, help often reaches the victims later than necessary.”

Fabian R., paramedic


The PACE Emergency Call uses the mobile data connection and the GPS signal of your smartphone. Because of this, there are a couple of important requirements that need to be met for the Emergency Call to work reliably.

  • Dongle connection

    The PACE Link has to be correctly plugged in and connected with your smartphone using Bluetooth.

  • iPhone connection

    Your smartphone has to be working properly and turned on; it also needs an active data connection.

  • GPS active

    Your smartphone has to receive GPS signals and its location services have to be activated.

Safety in your car

On average, 9 people died per day because of traffic-related accidents in Germany in 2013. This means that over 3,000 people were killed because of such accidents in that year alone. The initiative Vision Zero of the European Union has the goal to reduce the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents to zero. PACE wants to help reach this goal by increasing the safety inside every car on the road. With the PACE Link, we thus offer an automatic Emergency Call feature with which you can retrofit your car. The passive safety of your car increases like this.

The PACE system works with (nearly) every car built since 1996 (requirement is an OBD2 port) and helps to make travelling on our roads more secure. Pierre-Enric Steiger, president of the Björn Steiger Foundation, which works on improving emergency aid since 1969, says about this development: “… the faster the exact emergency call and accident data is transferred to the emergency services, the faster they are able to arrive on scene and help. This will also hold true for the future. This way, the number of traffic deaths can be further reduced up to a certain point.”


The eCall (short for Emergency Call) is an automatic emergency system which will be required for every car built from 2018 on in the European Union. We at PACE think that this feature should not only be available for brand-new cars. With PACE, you can now retrofit your older car with an Emergency Call feature similar to the eCall and are always safe while traveling.

Ios ecall

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The “Automatic Emergency Call” works only in Germany at the moment, and the feature "Find the Cheapest Gas Station" is currently available in these countries. In the future, these features will be available in other countries too. Mobile Payment is in its public testing phase in Germany. We keep you updated with news about this in our newsletter.

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Frequently asked questions about the Automatic Emergency Call

The automatic Emergency Call (similar to the eCall) independently contacts emergency services in case of an accident – you do not have to (be able to) do anything. I.e. it works (especially) if you have lost consciousness after an accident. You phone does not have to issue a call for this. The PACE app registers that an accident happened and triggers an alarm via the data connection of your smartphone. Now you have 30 seconds to cancel this emergency call by tapping on the screen of your phone. If you do not do so, PACE will automatically send out an emergency call to the rescue services. In this case, the location of your car, the time of the accident and your phone number will be transferred to the emergency medical services.

For the Emergency Call to work without problems, your mobile phone is required to have a working data connection, location services and an active GPS signal. Your phone moreover needs to be connected with the PACE Link via Bluetooth, and the PACE Link has to be plugged in correctly.

The location of your car, the time of the accident, your phone number as well as all available information will be transferred to the emergency services to assure an optimal first aid.

The PACE Link which is plugged into the OBD2 port is measuring acceleration and rotational forces of your car 100 times per second and can thus detect situations that are possible accidents. The PACE emergency app feature will then inform you at once that an accident was identified. You then have 30 seconds to cancel the emergency call before it is sent on.

To send out an emergency call, your phone needs at least working data and Bluetooth connections. Yet it does not matter whether the display can still be used or calls can be processed.

Yes, in this case you can deactivate the PACE Emergency Call. When you install PACE, you can activate and set up the Emergency Call. If you do not do so, it is not active. After activating the feature, you can deactivate it again at any time.